Firewood Processing

We take all unwanted logs that arise from our tree surgery operations to be processed into firewood.

The recycling process involves:

  • Separating hardwood and softwood to determine quality;
  • Stems disc-cut into logs of approx. 10 inches;
  • Discs split into stove sized pieces using our tractor mounted hydraulic splitter;
  • Logs piled in storage compounds raised off the floor but open to the through-flow of the wind;
  • Seasoned in compounds uncovered from April to September then covered for 12 months+ still allowing through flow of air from the sides of the compound;
  • Each compound tested for moisture content for consistency below 20%.

Dry, high-quality logs are then bagged up ready to be delivered (by the bag or pick-up load, tipped onto your drive). Its quite an extensive process but delivers top quality firewood!

Firewood Sales

Bulk-bags (or “builders-bags”) can vary in volume (between 60cm3-85cm3) so to ensure you get what you pay for – we supply our firewood in 1m3 log bags. We have discounted rates for bulk orders as it is more efficient for delivery.

If a cubic meter is too much for you to store we also supply bulk-bags which hold approximately 30% less.

Prices (inclusive of VAT and local delivery):

Hardwood Logs


Hardwood Logs

£1101 cubic metre

Hardwood Logs

£3003 cubic metres

Softwood Logs


Softwood Logs

£951 cubic metre

Softwood Logs

£2503 cubic metres

NB: We offer further discounted rates for bulk orders in excess of 3m3 – please get in contact and ask us for a tailored quote on the quantity you require


Our wood-chippers process branches of up to 150mm diameter (or 300mm with the Unimog!) into small chips of wood. Wood-chip makes a valuable resource for the garden as a mulch and weed suppressant, and can be used as a visual cover-up of unsightly areas. We sell wood-chip by the truck load (approx. 5m3) freshly chipped straight from site or we can supply seasoned (partially mulched) chip from our stockpiles.

Prices (inclusive of VAT and local delivery):

Fresh Woodchip

£50per load

Seasoned Woodchip

£125per load

Timber Production

Wherever possible, we promote the production of local timber with the use of a portable sawmill. We are keen wherever possible to promote the recycling and use of the trees we take down, and recognise their potential uses.

If you have specific requirements, please get in touch to discuss and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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