Arborist Tree Care are specialists in all aspects of Arboriculture & Tree Surgery and carry out each to a high standard. We recognise there is a constant trade-off between aesthetics, light and space, conservation, and most importantly, safety. At Arborist Tree Care we always work to harmonise these aspects whilst delivering a first class service.
Wherever possible we aim to re-use and recycle the trees we work on and, reduce our carbon emissions and minimise our impact on the natural environment in which we work.

Tree work we perform includes:


In some cases, it is very easy to spot a tree that is in decline, and remedial action can be sought. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and thus requires the eye of a specialist – to determine the condition of a tree, its stability, whether it is suffering from a disease (and the diseases implications) and ultimately its safety. It is not always the case that a tree of this nature needs to be felled immediately, as there are other remedial actions that can lighten the crown, reduce danger aspects, and sometimes help the tree to regain stability. In most cases, however, trees of this nature need to be removed and we have many techniques in-hand that allow us to safely work on such trees.
Trees have a natural life span that can be dramatically reduced when managed badly or through poor quality or incorrect pruning, the knock-on effects of which are often seen years later. It is very difficult to regain a natural form of such trees and to ‘put right’ previous works and ‘Removal’ & ‘Re-Planting’ is often required.

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Roadside Management

Arborist Tree Care undertake a lot of roadside work, diligently following the regulations set out by The Department for Transport and The Highways Agency to ensure the safety of the public and our tree operators whilst working on the highways. We have our own signage and can provide full traffic and pedestrian management systems (we will advise you where this is required and necessary).

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Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been removed, the stump and root ball of the tree will still remain embedded in the ground. Arborist Tree Care have specialist equipment designed specifically to grind away the stump and break up the ‘root ball’ ensuring the stump will not grow back. Stump grinding is not always necessary but is often carried out to satisfy the requirements of different sectors. Stump grinding can alleviate trip hazards in public places, allow for re-planting in the same location or simply remove the tree entirely leaving you with a more useable space.
We have a smaller machine for tackling smaller stumps that can be ramped into difficult access positions, and a larger machine for the larger stumps. If no access is available – we really know how to think ‘out of the box’ and can even lift the grinder into place using one of our vehicle mounted cranes!

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Arborist Tree Care understand what factors contribute to healthy tree growth. We will source, stake & plant trees using an appropriate mixture of nutrients, additives, compost and soil to give trees the best possible conditions for growth in their environment.
We can source appropriate specimens of all sizes either to replace trees or hedges we’ve removed, create future landscapes and to fill gardens, orchards or as individual specimen trees. We plant trees for all occasions, to commemorate or to look to the future. We’ve even planted special trees for official openings ready for the last sprinkling of soil to be completed by Royals!

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In addition to the tree services we offer, we can also deal with hedges. Whether your hedge needs a simple trim, or has grown out of control and needs to be reduced to a manageable size, we have the equipment, knowledge and attention to detail to appropriately care for your hedge.

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We aim to re-use every part of the trees that we work on. We can process tree waste on site, providing you with your own wood-chip or logs, or we can take them offsite for processing and recycling. We sell seasoned hardwood and softwood logs as firewood and wood-chip for use as mulch on your garden, by pre-arrangement delivered to your property.
 For the ‘green fingered’ enthusiasts out there, we can even help you turn your trees into something more imaginative, utilising our portable sawmill! Have a look at our ‘Creative innovations’

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Creative Innovations

In addition to our highly skilled work as arborists it has become a passion, wherever possible, to recycle all parts of the trees we work on – if possible right there at the base of the tree. With a bit of Creative Innovation and an artistic eye, we can transform dark, overgrown spaces into unique, practical, natural works of art! For more elaborate projects we work alongside landscape architects, specialist wood workers and engineers.
Utilising our specialist pieces of equipment (tracked wood-chipper, portable sawmill and 4×4 crane vehicles) allow us to make original, exciting and practical uses of overgrown trees to your benefit. We have done projects in private gardens, schools and public places, and are happy to advise and work with you to create something original, special and specific to the space. Have a look through some of the projects we’ve completed so far!

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