Arborist Tree Care have a vast amount of specialist equipment and vehicles to tackle any job!

Our equipment includes:

Climbing Equipment & Chainsaws

Our standard team goes out daily with the required climbing equipment, chainsaws, hedge-trimmers, fuel (& biodegradable chain-oil), ladders and first aid/PPE ready to do the days work. Each of our operatives wears appropriate Personal Protective Equipment designed to protect against contact with chainsaws, a helmet and ear defenders all in compliance with British Safety Standards, along with personal and general first aid kits. Our tree climbers and ground staff are all trained and qualified in climbing and aerial rescue techniques and always have the appropriate specialist climbing equipment needed to safely carry out the work in hand. We carry different types of ladders to efficiently and safely access trees.
We have a vast range of chainsaws, hand saws and pruners appropriate for the full range of work we undertake ensuring we always have the right tool for the job!

Chip Truck (& towed Wood-chipper)

In order to speed up the processing of tree waste, each team tows a Timberwolf Wood-chipper behind a high-capacity chip truck that can be efficiently filled with compacted tree waste which will then be taken for recycling at the end of the day (or sooner if required). Each of our trucks are designed specifically for the job in hand.

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4x4 Off Road Chip Trucks

In addition to our standard road chip-truck we have a specially adapted Land Rover 4 wheel drive high capacity chip-truck. This allows us to access trees and still extract tree waste from remote off-road areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. We are very careful to do as little damage as possible to the natural environment and surfaces when driving off road and all our arborists are trained and experienced in off-road driving. We also have a lower capacity 4-wheel drive chip-truck that allows us to get a larger team into the work area.

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Tracked Wood-Chipper

Our Tracked Wood-Chipper has caterpillar tracks that allow us to access areas which cannot be reached in standard vehicles to process tree waste on site. You’d be surprised at the places we manage to get this machine!

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Our Unimog is a specialist piece of forestry equipment, the Unimog is used where 4 wheel drive access is required and for large scale clearance jobs. It has a high capacity wood chipper to process large amounts of wood quickly and a Hiab rear-mounted crane for lifting large trees out or equipment in! It has the capacity to tow very large trailers for large scale works.

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Where access allows this machine is used to lessen the impact to the surroundings, allowing us to lift heavier parts of a tree to the ground and to remove them from the site, reducing the volume of sawdust produced when processing trees into ‘man-handleable’ sized pieces.

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Tractors & Trailers

We often use tractors and suitably sized trailers in order to remove and transport large volumes of timber. One of our team has spent the last 20 years as a farm contractor so can manoeuvre big machines through the tightest of spaces! This can be very useful when carrying out large tree removals and will often save on processing, making the job far more efficient.

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There are some situations where there isn’t enough space to dismantle a tree using rigging techniques, the ground needs to remain untouched, or there is a suitably large volume of timber. In these situations we often utilise cranes to assist in carrying out the work.

Within our fleet we have a relatively low reach crane attached to our Unimog. For anything that requires longer reaches or where obstructions dictate we hire mobile cranes with anything up to 90m reaches! We have good, long standing relationships with crane hire companies and can easily get hold of the suitable machine for each job, either as standard or contract lifts.

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