100's of Icons

The fullwidth slider shortcode utilizes the included icon selector, giving you the ability to choose from 100’s of icons.

25+ Animations

Each slide can have a unique animation applied to it, caption contents will then be animated consecutively.

Responsive Captions

Slide captions will scale dynamically with browser size, ensuring your sliders look great on every device.

3 Transition Modes

You have a choice between horizontal/vertical fading or a fading transition for each full width slider.

Fill the Screen

Force each content section to occupy 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of the screen for epic landing pages & one page websites.

Custom Backgrounds

With each slide you can use either a solid color background or a custom image, and you can add an overlay accent color.

Parallax Scrolling

Opt in to the parallax scrolling option for a unique and smooth scrolling experience, simply scroll down to try it out.

Automatic Transitions

When using the page builder you can enable automatic slide transitions and even set a custom delay between changes.

Touch Screen Compatibility

Tablets and phones love full width sliders which work fluently with touch screens, responding very naturally to user input.

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